Monday, March 10, 2008

I have seedlings!!!

I'm so excited!!! Just over a week after I planted my seeds and most of them have sprouted. So far I can see some of the basil (photo above), one of the lettuce (Rouge d'Hiver), silverbeet, oregano and cauliflower. The other lettuce (Freckles Bunte), parsley and broccoli are yet to make an appearance.

I've being doing a little happy dance :) That's the first time I've managed to germinate little seeds - I'm fine with big ones like peas that just go in the ground, but these ones needed nurturing :) Now to keep them alive until they're big enough to plant.

My set up was quite simple - I planted the seeds in seed-raising mix in egg cartons with holes poked in the bottom. That looked to be drying out too much so after the first couple of days I covered them with a sheet of clear plastic to make a little glasshouse (held down with a couple of spare pots). Then just watered them a bit more every day. Looks like a winner!!


lightening said...

Well done!!!! It certainly IS exciting to see those tiny bits of green poking their little leaves through the soil. :)

libby said...

Great going with the seedlings. We even have a little greenhouse but have still had no success - they keep drying out and dying. Need to try again.


Mrs. Pivec said...

Yay! I think you should find the basil to be relatively easy to grow. I grow it here year round and then, of course, when it flowers, you can collect the seeds when the flower heads dry. SO easy! My girls love to collect the seeds...

Your garden is looking terrific; those melons look wonderful!

Our Red House said...

Good for you! Congratulations. I will look forward to seeing your garden develop.