Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My dream..

Thank you again for all of the encouraging comments.

I want to write. When I was kid I used to write the most imaginative stories - I'd fill an exercise book with each story. I wanted to be a writer (and a teacher and probably more lol). I remember writing a long story in 3rd grade all about a friendly dragon - my teacher wrote a comment like "excellent story but please make them shorter".. That comment has stuck in my mind for almost 30 years and I think of it as the beginning of the end of my creativity :( I became a master at writing succintly - to the point that in Yr 12 I had to get tutored in essay writing because I just couldn't write them long enough!

For a long time I've had the urge to write but it's been a vague yearning, with no concrete idea. I'm always writing in my head - either a blog post, a "conversation" with my email friends or a scene - but I had no "big idea". A month or so ago though I had an idea for a children's book that has inspired me. I have to get past the idea that I'll never be the next J.K.Rowling lol, and just enjoy writing it for myself. Even if the only person to ever read it is Billy, I'm going to give it a go.

I've been writing notes about the characters and ideas for the last few weeks, and today I just jumped in and started writing. I've done 200 words - not much, but it's a start!! (That was as far as I got before I got interrupted!) I've since decided that I need another character (my hero was getting lonely talking to himself) so I need to go back and add her in now. My mind is buzzing with ideas!

Thank you all for giving me the proverbial kick and telling me to go for it!


libby said...

How exciting! I was wondering what your creative endevour was. I too had a dream to write - and did in fact complete one romance manuscript before having kids. I was actually planning to get back to it this year but I've finally decided I'd rather spend my time scrapbooking. Maybe one day....when the kids leave home...

Best of luck to you. I haven't got any kids writing books but I have some others hidden in a cupboard. If you want me to see what I've got just let me know.


Ciara said...

Well done on getting started, its usually the hardest bit, the getting started. Best of luck with it.