Monday, July 31, 2006

Where does the time go?

I'm not sure what happened to the last week and a half! I was busy moving stuff over to oztion (and have made my first sales over there - yay!!!), busy with work and not sleeping very well so haven't had a lot of motivation.

Pete made a cupboard to go into Billy's wardrobe for his toys - it really tidies the space up! It looks great - it was a bit of a tight fit, in fact we wondered if it would fit a couple of times, but we got it in!

Billy had a concert at preschool on Friday - just a couple of songs and dances, and then afternoon tea but it was cute! He was the victim of a little altercation on Wednesday at preschool - another kid pushed him into the wall and he got a fair bump and carpet burn on his forehead. I happened to be standing next to the kid's grandfather after the concert, and he said "x didn't do that did he??!" Ummm, well actually, now you mention it!!

The business opportunity is looking like it might go ahead - still have to work out licensing etc, so it will be a little while before anything happens. I'm busy getting the tax done so we can afford to go ahead with it!

Mum & Dad are back from their trip away, so we went up to see them yesterday. I don't think they're that keen on being back in the cold!!

Pete's away for a course this week as well so it might be a LONG week!!

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