Sunday, July 09, 2006

Creative play

Made some playdough for the munchkin this morning, so now I have multi-coloured hands from the food colouring!  (Yeah I know I should wear gloves!).  So he's a happy boy..
I also made some eggless Choc-chip muffins (we were out of eggs) and tried to make some savoury biscuits like Jatz, but they failed in a big way :(  Back to the drawing board on those.  Yesterday I made an Italian bread in the breadmaker - standard bread recipe + tomato paste & basil.  Very yummy for lunch with tomato & cheese.  I've frozen the rest - I think it will go great with the vege soup for lunch later in the week.
Billy insisted on helping me do the ironing & folding this afternoon.  What was supposed to be a 5 minute job turned into a marathon!  Not sure how well the clothes came up after all that, but most of them are his so it doesn't really matter :)
I haven't done a thing with the business this weekend - after the last couple of weeks of pushing to meet deadlines I was pretty burnt out.  I got heaps listed on eBay though which has been long overdue.  I may do a bit tonight if I feel like it, otherwise will have to get stuck into it again tomorrow.
Tonight's menu:
roast chicken (a la Jamie Oliver), baked potatos & veges.  And probably a choc-chip muffin for dessert!

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