Friday, July 14, 2006

Bargain of the day!

At the Steggles shop today I scored 6 kg of chicken stirfry meat for $30 - $5/kg – bargain!! So chicken stirfry, chicken enchiladas, apricot chicken, I can mince some for chicken patties, mmmm… what else??! I’m sure I’ll think of something!!

We had friends over for tea tonight – I made a couple of pizzas (ham & pineapple, and BBQ chicken with capsicum, mushroom, tomato) & garlic bread which seemed to go over well. I was struggling to be overly sociable though – I’m just really exhausted; not sleeping overly well and I think it’s an adrenaline let-down after the last couple of weeks of stress. Plus Billy was a bit of a horror today – or I wasn’t overly patient with him – one or the other, but the same end result.

We’re off to Sydney to watch Bell Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet tomorrow, and staying the night down there. Billy is staying with his Ma & Pop for the weekend which he is very excited about.

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