Sunday, July 02, 2006


Not a bad film - not nearly as good as the book, although it does have the advantage of Johnny Depp :) I was quite disappointed in the plot change - having the mayor as the bad guy rather than the priest - I guess a mad priest isn't politically correct these days!

Last day of teaching for 3 weeks - yay!!!

Off to see the triplets tomorrow - we haven't seen them since they got home from hospital. We had plans to, but then we all got sick, so we haven't made it up there. Taking advantage of school holidays to make some time.

Roast beef for tea (marinated by our fantastic butcher in yellow-box honey & rosemary - mmmm!) with baked potatos, carrot & zucchini. An apple & pear crumble and icecream for dessert - life is good!!

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