Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Website launch! and imaginary friends

One down - the All Things Hunter website went live yesterday. I was up until midnight finishing off some behind the scenes admin stuff so the owner can edit the product information, but it's done! Well actually 1 more bit to test to do with uploading photos & permissions but that can wait until I teach her how to resize photos. Now today I need to concentrate on the system I'm installing tomorrow for the client to test.

So the last thing I needed this morning was to be woken at 6:30am by a little voice saying "Mummy, I can't find my black trackpants. I need to get ready for preschool"! At least we got to have a good snuggle in bed before we had to get started for the day - me, Billy, puppy, and the imaginary friends - Atyl, Merna and Zoo. (don't ask me!)

My Simple Savings membership is due, so I'm trying to come up with the money to pay it without dipping into the normal money. I've put some stuff up on eBay - hopefully some of that will sell and help out.

Now to work..


HRH said...

Pink??? dont see you as a pik girl really

HRH said...

yep look at that still cant spell