Monday, July 03, 2006

Saw the triplets!

We went up to SIL's to see the triplets today - it was the 1st time we've seen them since they got out of hospital since we've been sick. They've grown so much!! I got to have a cuddle of them all, but no, I'm not clucky! I'm quite happy being a good Aunty :)

Not sure if the late nights have caught up with me and my body is saying 'enough' or if I've got a migraine starting (which wouldn't be a surprise after the choc-chip cookies!), but I am absolutely exhausted tonight. I'm about to have a very early night. I have heaps of work, but it will have to wait..


HRH said...

You not clucky? cant't believe it....LOL

Kez said...

Yeah, shocking huh?!