Saturday, July 01, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel

There is finally light at the end of the tunnel with some of my projects - 3 of them should wrap up (barring any extra changes they want) in the next couple of weeks. Boy I'll be glad about that! The last couple of weeks have been a real blur, I've just been flat out with working and trying to keep the house in some sort of order, cook decent meals etc. 1 more day of teaching this term though and then a couple of weeks off - yay! I had to even turn down some work - I was approached to do a couple of months of Access work onsite, full-time, which doesn't fit in with my life atm. He still wants to get together and discuss future work though which could work out well.

Helen & I have started challenging each other to do 1 extra thing around the house each day - just a small task like wipe cupboard fronts over etc. It's really making a difference in keeping the house presentable - we get to feel smug if the other person misses a day :) I'm planning on cleaning the freezer out as today's task - there are lots of UFOs (unidentified frozen objects) in there!!

Pete's off to watch the Aussie Rules again tonight - go Swannies! I'll dig through the DVDs and find a chick flick to watch - maybe Chocolat. I watched "How to make an American quilt" last Sat night - maybe I was just in the wrong mood, but I wasn't overly impressed. Very slow to start and then glossed over the stories of the other women too lightly imo.

I've been having a real baking week this week - I made a quiche and a chocolate cake for lunch on Wednesday, Billy & I made banana muffins last night, and I bought some choc-chips today to make some "cookies" - mmmmm, cookies!

Boy it's been cold here - we had a couple of nights at -1 and -2. Brrrr!!! Mum & Dad are up at the Atherton Tablelands on holidays - much warmer up there I'm sure!

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HRH said...

Good thing i came to read this I had forgotten to do anything on teh 5m challenge today!e