Monday, June 19, 2006

Industrious day

I had a busy day yesterday. I was in the wrong sort of mood to go grocery shopping - I had a list but a few things jumped in the trolley that weren't on the list! I wasn't really in the mood for comparing prices - it was just throw things in. I was really dreading what the total would be but it wasn't too bad. No more treats for the rest of the fortnight though! Only need to get fruit & a roast from the butcher today.

Came home, unpacked and then made some strawberry yoghurt, apple & peach muffins from some leftovers in the fridge. They came out very yummy too - I was quite proud of myself! Dried out the leftover bread bits out of the freezer while the oven was on and made some breadcrumbs. Minced the meat I'd bought - I had to sharpen my knife first which was a new experience - it worked though!!! Made a banana cake while tea was cooking (bananas from the freezer - no way am I buying them at $13/kg!). I'm gradually cleaning the freezer out.

So a very industrious day in the kitchen - not to mention the 2 loads of washing and 3 baskets of ironing I got done too!

Also finished off the website changes I had to make for a resort company - it's using a template program which I don't like but hey, it's all money.

Billy is climbing over the top of me while I type - very hard to concentrate!!

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