Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fairly frugal day

I've been inspired by reading the discussion forum on the Simple Savings site ( so have had a fairly frugal day. I've made up some Thai Pumpkin soup with some pumpkin from the freezer and fruit crumble with the fruit that was languishing in the fruit bowl. My challenge is to not spend anything until Sunday. Except for when we go for the funeral through the week, but that can't be helped. I need to go through the freezer tomorrow and see what is hiding in there and be creative in using it up.

I did have to use the drier today though since it's been raining all day and the work clothes had to be washed. In fact there is still washing on the line from 3 days ago when it started raining! But I cut both Pete and Billy's hair so I guess it's a positive in the end!

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