Thursday, July 20, 2006

A pox on ebay

eBay today shot itself in the foot and caused a mass exodus of sellers. They announced a massive increase in store fees and decreased the amount of store listings showing up in searches - how's that for getting shafted - we'll make you pay more AND give you less for it! There are MANY HUNDREDS of irate sellers (including yours truly) who have either closed their stores or will close them before the fee increases kick in. I'm moving my stock over to - no listing fees, reasonable final value fees. It doesn't have the same amout of buyers, but at this stage it won't cost me money to list there and any I make is a bonus. I'll possibly still list auctions on ebay for stuff I think will sell in auction format, but I am extremely negative towards them atm. So much for my plans to increase the business, buy wholesale etc - luckily I'd procrastinated enough to save me some money there :)

Final costings went in tonight for Pete's business opportunity. Fingers crossed that they're competitive and that it works out...

On the table tonight: steak sandwiches

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HRH said...

I cant believe ebay did that and I have my fingers crossed for Pete!