Thursday, August 03, 2006

"Chicken pops"

Billy went for his chickenpox (or "chicken pops" as he calls them) vaccination yesterday. When they discovered how old he was they gave me the option of getting his 4yo shots as well - so poor bugger got 3 needles at once :( He was very brave and didn't cry. They were excellent with him - blew bubbles to distract him, got him to count & sing songs. I was very impressed!

So that's the last lot of needles til he's in high school now. He was allowed to get KFC for tea as a reward - I had to suffer it too though :( He doesn't seem to be suffering from any reaction to any of the needles - they told me there's a 4% chance he may get a slight case of the chickenpox in the next month, so fingers crossed he's not in the minority!!

My oztion sales are going really well - I'm selling stuff fairly cheap because there's minimal fees, but so far I've sold 7 things, with 2 more with bids!! More than I was getting on eBay!!

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