Wednesday, August 16, 2006

All Things Hunter

I don't think I mentioned that I'm now "working" for All Things Hunter. I'm not actually getting paid at this stage - but will be getting a % of the hopefully heaps of profit from the web side of things! Fingers crossed anyway! So if you're reading this, go and check out All Things Hunter - Hunter Valley country fresh gift baskets and gourmet hampers, pass it on to all your friends and even better, buy something :) If you work for a company we do corporate gifts and branding, and will offer an employee discount! Oh and if you enter the competition (click on the WIN link) - you can go in the draw to win stuff!

There, that will get the sales flooding in :)

What else? Pete's away again this week for work... I need to start planning Billy's party as it's on next Sunday and I'm working a lot next week! I did buy plates and stuff yesterday so we have something to eat off - I'd better order the food so we have something to put on the plates!

I'm brain dead - can't think - need sleep... Night!

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