Sunday, August 27, 2006

Happy b'day 4 year old!

4 years ago, at 9:13am on the 27th Aug, Billy was born. How our life has changed in that 4 years!

I cannot believe our baby is 4 years old today! Some days I wonder how he made it :)

He's turning into a real little boy - he has grown up so much in the last 12 months, particularly this year since he started pre-school. He's so much more independent than he used to be - can dress himself mostly (still has a bit of problem taking his jumper off), even made his own scrambled eggs in the microwave the other morning! He pretty smart - he can read & spell some words and can write some letters, he knows things like the months and can do simple sums. He loves preschool and they love him - it's always nice to get reports from the teachers!!

His Bob the Builder party went well today. The weather was nice, it was a fairly relaxing day and I think everyone enjoyed it. It was just family and a few friends but that was enough. He got lots of presents - I'm not sure where we'll put half of them!

So onto the next year!

Bob the Builder Cake

Bob the Builder Cake

Blowing out the candles


Being a duffer!

Billy the boxer!

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