Monday, April 26, 2010

How Low Can You Go Challenge: Day 21-25

Yay, we've finally been paid!  Very exciting!!  Had a bad few days on the takeaway though - I should buy a packet of frozen pies or something to keep in the freezer for the times when its too tempting to get junk fod.

Wednesday - stayed home, no spending!

Thursday - we had a scheduled trip to the chiropractor, then used some vouchers to have lunch at Hungry Jacks ($10).  Called into the fish markets while we were down there ($38), and then Aldi on the way home for butter, milk, bread & rolls ($10)

Friday - we had our homeschool excursion to the macadamia farm - the tour was free, but we spent $10 on goodies at the shop (it was only fair lol!)

Saturday - stayed home, veged out all day - but still managed to spend!  Ordered takeaway pizza for tea because I had the lazies. ($23)

Sunday - Billy & I were out in the rain for the ANZAC Day march, and bought takeaway for lunch to take home to warm us up :(  ($25)

Monday - stayed home so no spending

Running total - Food - $321.29, extras - $212.95.

The cupboard is looking very bare atm and we have a very busy week coming up.  I'm planning on doing a full shop tomorrow using next month's grocery money or we'll just end up getting more takeaway. 


3anklebiters said...

take out food is such a temptation, especially with a busy schedule. i've taken to packing lunches in the morning for everyone, it adds a 30 minute task to my morning, but is sometimes worth it - much better than paying for school lunches which my kids don't eat well as they aren't tasty.

Risa said...

We keep some easy meals / frozen stuff on hand--the trick is to not use it all the time! I tell myself that cooking from scratch is better than frozen meals, but frozen meals are better than take out!

I also find I do better if I do some form of cooking or baking in the morning--throw a bread in the bread machine, put on a pot of soup, throw dinner in the slowcooker, or just prep and chop the veggie for dinner. When 5:00 hits and I haven't even started making anything, I can guarantee it ends up being a pizza night. (Or Chinese!) :-)

M.J. said...

It's so hard! Take out tends to blow our budget when we are tired and moods are low. Love these posts, btw, I feel like I am bleeding money some days.