Saturday, April 10, 2010

Camera Fund

Yesterday, to my utter dismay, I dropped my camera on the wooden floor.. Fortunately it still works - as in it still takes photos. Unfortunately, the clips that hold the battery flap closed broke off, so the flap needs to be held shut with packing tape. Not ideal... Especially when you need to change batteries while out.. "Hang on while I just tape my camera back together..." :)

I don't want to depress myself too much, so I've only had a cursory search to find out how much I'll be up for. I very much doubt it would be able to be fixed as the clips are part of the main camera case. It looks like I can probably get a similar quality one for about $600 - $700.

One the plus side, I have been wanting a new camera for a while (esp since I tried my mum's with the 20x zoom - and mine still has a 10x zoom). This will just focus my savings intent!

So I'm starting the 'Camera Fund' to save up - and hopefully my old one will keep working with tape until then!!

I have some ebay auctions up atm that are doing quite well (for books), so that'll be the first deposit when they finish.

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Rynalee said...

That's funny, Kerry. Our camera has done the same thing - twice!! The first time we got the battery compartment fixed under warranty but, of course, the warranty has now expired. An un-named child dropped it during a lovely experience of making tomato passata with friends (great money saving thing to do) but it was superceded by the broken camera! :( So yeah, we have a bit of a camera fund going, too. I hold the battery compartment closed while taking photos, but it's fairly unsuccessful. Might try the duct tape!!