Sunday, March 07, 2010

Where's the cave?

I need to hibernate...

It's been a full on week and I feel like sitting life out for the next week or so. That's not going to be possible so the day and a half I have will have to do :)

I've been out every day this week and have done lots of chatting - client meetings, a homeschool get-together, a birthday party, afternoon tea with my friend, a chat with a potential new homeschool mum. All rewarding, but exhausting to little old introverted me!

Our BodyBalance class launched a new routine this week - I survived but boy it hurt the legs!! I was also brave and went back the next day for my first gym proper session. Yay me!

I also have a confession to make - I started playing Scrabble on Facebook :( I'm playing the games where each player can have 24hrs to make their move so it shouldn't take up too much of my time - if I'm careful!! (Of course, the fact that I have 6 different games on the go atm is a worry!)


karisma said...

LOL Maybe we should swap places for a week? Poor old extroverted me was stuck inside for two weeks, nearly drove me nuts. I have to admit though, when I have a week like yours where Im out and about everyday, it takes me a week to catch up at home.

I have to admit when I heard there was scrabble on facebook I was almost tempted! LOL but my friends would never let me live it down as I am always picking on them for spending all their time on facebook games. (Oh and you have given me a new word AZIDE, I had not heard that one before LOL)

Miekie said...

Good for you to keep up the fitness routine when you ache all over!
Scrabble on face book - that sounds interesting. I have a new computer with no games on and I do not want to download any, because I waste too much time playing Spider Solitaire. But now I find myself first switching on my hubby's computer when I come home! A side effect of chronic medication that I take for restless legs, is apparently GAMBLING ADDICTION! I think I am addicted to Spider Solitaire. Won't dare to play poker or such! I love scrabble. Do you think it could become "addictive" as well? I have given up Sudoko and cross word puzzles as I take too long to complete them.
Good luck with the homeschooling.

Out Back said...

I haven't tried scrabble on FB, sounds interesting but I had better stay away from those games because they are addictive as I found out with farmville.

Wow you did have a busy week!

Take care,


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Here's to a nice, quiet weekend of recuperation - from one introvert to another!

Lightening said...

I SO know that feeling. I'm a bit apprehensive about how I'm going to go this week. Have been pegging it pretty well with no end in sight. :( Hope you found a cave to hide in and recuperate. :)

Butterfly said...

Have you found a cave? I know what it's like to be constantly 'needed' and switched on most of the time, hanging out for a few hours to myself (and feeling guilty for wanting that).

A post on a new blog I'm reading was about introversion today, with some links I'm keen to read soon ... partly to reassure myself that it's a valid personality trait, not some defect in me that needs fixing, as some would have me believe!


Kez said...

I'm still half in my cave. I'm coming out to do what I have to and then retreating back. Unfortunately it now means I have an inbox full of emails to catch up on!