Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Plenty of time..

Sometimes I get antsy that we don't seem to be covering enough stuff in our "homeschooling" - it usually happens after I've been talking to more curriculum based homeschoolers, or like tonight, as I look around at all the incredible resources we have in our house just waiting to be read / watched / played with. It just struck me though that with the new school leaving age of 17 - I have 9.5 more years of "teaching" (or should that be "learning alongside"!) Billy. Even at the very conservative school estimate of 5 days / week for 40 weeks - that's another 1900 days of learning. Maybe I should just take a deep breath and trust we will cover enough stuff in that time :)


3anklebiters said...

and, unlike public schools you are probably teaching/learning year round. we FINALLY found a novel my son enjoys, Mutiny on the HMS Bounty.

katepickle said...

My girls told me the other day that they wanted to 'know everything there is to know' and I almost told them they wouldn't have enough time in their whole lives to accomplish that, but I stopped myself... because there is always time for learning! And even when it feels like there is just so much out there to try and get around to knowing, that is the joy of learning isn't it!?!?!

Keep on chugging along, you'll be amazed at what you all can accomplish!

Risa said...

I get the same feelings at times when I find stuff lying around our house that hasn't yet been touched, or when reading others' blogs. But it's getting easier, as I've got a couple years of HSing under my belt now and can see the progress, which is no one's timetable but our own.

Just wanted to let you know you're not alone!

Stuff On My Blog said...

I agree with 3anklebiters. Most hs'ers learn year round with 'intent' even if they aren't formally doing 'lessons' all year!

And judging from some of the high schoolers I've encountered lately... you can't possibly do worse than the public/private schools are!!

karisma said...

LOL! Im sure you are doing plenty going by your weekly posts! I was the opposite, coming out of the school system it took me ages to relax and stop being so pedantic about "school work", lo and behold the kids actually learn so much more and enjoy it! We have loads of unused resources. I was just saying the other day that we should pass some on as the kids are a bit old for them now.