Sunday, March 28, 2010

A quick look behind the scenes

It was a busy week this week, but I took care not to let it get too overwhelming. We were out some part of every day, so the rest of the day we spent relaxing or doing non-strenuous things.

I got my priorities in order on Tuesday and rather than rush home from the rockclimbing so Billy could go to drama class, we spent the time instead with family and gave the class a miss. It was much more enjoyable and good to spend quality time with my sister and nieces who are busier than we are!

Billy came down with a heavy cold mid-week, so that was another reason to take it easy. He seems to be pretty much over it other than a bit of a cough at night. Between his cough and a kitten that thinks 4am is a great time to start batting your owner's face to wake them up, I've been rather sleep-deprived! I'm sure the lady in the chemist thought I was a bit slow as I was really struggling to focus to answer her questions about what sort of cough Billy had!! I did have a 2hr nanna-nap yesterday - that really helped!

As I was half expecting, I became secretary of the Scouts Parents Committee on Thursday night - I knew the old secretary had resigned, and no-one else was jumping up to take her place, so decided to volunteer if no-one else did. Needless to say, they didn't..

I did get to my BodyBalance class (yay!) but didn't get to the gym other than that. I've also been falling into the trap of eating everything in sight to keep awake (mainly sugary or starchy food), so I really need to focus on eating more healthily this week.

I got most of the stuff crossed off my to-do list this week - I don't know why I go away from lists, they really help me. I'm slowly making an inroad into turning our guest room into my sewing room - we got rid of the spare bed on Freecycle this week. Next is to get the bookcases set up in there.

So while it was a busy week, it was a good week on the whole.


sheila said...

I just noticed your blog picture! It's amazing - it looks like a Peak Freens with a marshmallow and Lifesaver and one of those chocolate non-pareils on top.

Kez said...

Sheila - they're cute, aren't they! Easy to make too. We use a Tic Toc biscuit ( but any iced biscuit would do. You got the rest right too - just held together with a bit of icing!

mum+dad=akira and linkin and elijah said...

Totally sympathise on the no sleep thing. I have discovered that sugar is an absoloute necessity for me if I can't have a nanna nap.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Good to know I'm not the only one who's been eating starches to stay awake!