Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our week of learning - 14th Mar

Lots of Science & Maths this week.


Current Readaloud:
The Adventurous Four by Enid Blyton

The Adventurous Four: Shipwrecked! (The adventurous four)

Audio books: Raven Hill Mysteries by Emily Rodda - "The Disappearing TV Star", "Green for Danger" and "Cry of the Cat".

Independent Reading: The Mystery of Banshee Towers by Enid Blyton

The Mystery of Banshee Towers (Five Find-outers & Dog S.)

Other: Another game of Rainbow Scrabble - he's getting good at it! We'll have to invest in a grown up version soon!

Maths: We celebrated Pi Day as blogged earlier.

Science & Technology: Billy pulled out one of the kits we'd bought earlier in the year and he went through the book to find something interesting to do. He settled on making a tsunami - very simply, a jam jar lid with a string through it, in a container of water and pull on the string sharply to disrupt the water. I found a couple of suitable video footage of Tsunamis on YouTube and we watched them together and talked about what was happening, including the fact that so many people had died in the Indonesian ones.

He spent a full day making some movies on the digital camera and the webcam, and trying out a few free bits of software I'd downloaded to integrate them.

He created a very basic footy tipping website for himself and Pete to use :)

We both spent far too long on this game trying to create the circuit. It used lots of different methods to generate electricity like steam, air, solar & laser - quite educational, frustrating and fun! Thanks for the link, Karen :)

HSIE (Human Society and it's environment): We've started watching James May's Toy Stories - the series involves Top Gear presenter James May taking toys he played with in his childhood, and making massive versions of them. We watched the first episode where he makes a giant Spitfire model airplane. As well as the history involved in what toys were like "back in the old days", this episode also tied in again with what he'd learnt about WWII last week via Narnia and the Adventurous Four. See, learning really does happen in the most unexpected places!

Creative & Practical Arts: Drama class. He also spent much of the weekend watching his cousin dance at an eisteddfod, so he got to watch tap, jazz, classical and modern dance!

PDHPE (Personal Development, Health & Physical Education): Martial Arts.

Life skills (cooking, gardening, housekeeping): We cooked Anzac biscuits together before his friend came over for a play.

School shows: Music Moves, Behind The News.

Other fun stuff:
Lots more Webkinz this week! Plus a visit from a friend.

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Incorporating pi day into your week.. totally epic :D Sounds like a great week!