Friday, March 12, 2010

I hate change.

Yesterday Billy & I headed down to Newcastle for our usual 6-weekly chiropractor visit. I've been going to this same chiropractor for 10 years - I started going to him when I was having troubles with my back from sitting all day at work and I chose him because a) he was close to my work and b) my mum used to go to that practice. It's meant an hour drive to see him now that I'm not working in the same town but I was willing to do it because he was fantastic. I'd have other chiros on the occasions that he was sick or on holidays but the adjustment never felt right. He was also fantastic with Billy - he's been seeing him since he was born - he even treated me while I was pregnant! We both adored him.

So you may be able to imagine the devastation I felt yesterday when we walked in and the receptionist came and sat down next to us. "I don't have Michael for you today" she started. I was a bit disappointed, but then she continued "He's decided to retire from seeing patients". Nooooooooooo!

So we went in and had our appointment with the replacement chiro - I'd had him before once when Michael was away. He's lovely and does a good job but he wasn't Michael :(

So I bit the bullet afterwards. I spoke to the receptionist and explained that we'd try to find one more local to us - if I had to "break in" a new chiropractor anyway, it would be better to find one I didn't have to travel an hour to see. She was completely understanding and even suggested one locally with a similar style that Michael had worked with sometimes. I signed out my X-rays and brought them home with me.

I felt so sad for the rest of the day - I hate change :(


Risa said...

Kez, I hear you! Our chiropractor retired about a year and a half ago--we'd been seeing her for about 7 years at that point. She saw me through 2 pregnancies, and through Gareth's first year hell (he had SEVERE infantile eczema, as well as allergies and asthma--which he still has to some degree). She was my medical go-to person as she was alternative enough and open-minded, but also mainstream med. when it was warranted. Best of both worlds. Was such a sad day when we found out she was leaving.

Hugs to you, and I hope you can find a chiro you like just as much, and a lot closer to home!

Anonymous said...

Losing a good doctor/practitioner is no fun. It reminds us how much we really count on our "team" to stay healthy and functional. But way to be proactive and quick on you toes about finding a new one closer to you!

libby said...

I understand exactly how you feel Kerrie. I had a lovely female doctor once and was devasted when she moved to Sydney. Had a hairdresser do the same thing too. My dentist had better never retire - I've been going to the same one since we moved to Wollongong way back 1988!
However, sounds like it might be a blessing in disguise - esp. if this new one has a similar style to the one you love. Hope it works out.


Suji said...

So sorry to hear that dearie! Hope you manage to find someone who brings back that smile to your face.

Katy said...

Oh no!!! And it can be so hard to find a good carer too!! I hope you have good luck finding someone closer to home.

3anklebiters said...

i agree. it is always so difficult to adjust yourself to a new someone for something so personal, so physically close. i've put off finding a new doctor for nearly 2 years now. but, i like the new look of your blog!

Susan said...

I understand on the hating change, especially when you are so happy with what you currently use.

Have you ever considered an osteopath? I recently saw an osteopath for my back/hips /pelvis and the improvement was HUGE I get some improvement from chiro but osteopath made so much more of a difference, I might have just been lucky though

Kez said...

I'm glad its not just me - I was feeling rather over-emotional lol.

Susan, no I haven't tried an osteopath - to be honest I'm not even really sure what the difference between an osteo and a chiro is!

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