Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our week of learning - 21st March - Goblins, canoeing and da Vinci

Quite a mixed bag this week - very busy and lots of fun.


Current Readaloud:
Finally finished The Adventurous Four by Enid Blyton

The Adventurous Four: Shipwrecked! (The adventurous four)

Audio books: "Does my head look big in this?" by Randa Abdel-Fattah

Independent Reading: Jack Stalwart: Peril at the Grand Prix (Italy) by Elizabeth Singer Hunt.

Other: We watched "Prince Caspian", the 2nd in the Narnia movies.

Maths: He took part in a play about goblins (teaching multiplication by 2s, 5s and 10s) at the FBI homeschool group.

He spent some time playing Timez Attack.

Science & Technology: Participated in an experiment involving chromotography at the FBI group.

Made a lava lamp using oil, salt & food colouring.

We went along to a Da Vinci Machines exhibition - it was very good with quite a few hands-on exhibitis. They had a working Archimedes screw to move water from a bottom trough to a top one, a bridge challenge that you could pull apart and put back together - that one took us a while - I was glad hubby was there lol. There were templates to make a little Da Vinci parachute out of paper and string - all the stuff was there to do it on the spot. A mirrored room that you could go into, a pulley system to demonstrate that pulleys make lifting easier and heaps of cogs & gears of various types to turn.

HSIE (Human Society and it's environment): We caught the train home from the Da Vinci exhibit, had lots of discussions about the role of the conductor etc and he practiced reading the train timetable.

The audio book he's listening to at the moment is about a Muslim girl who decides to wear the hijab (head scarf). It's given him an awareness of Muslim culture.

Creative & Practical Arts: Drama class. Making a goblin mask & acting in the goblin play.

PDHPE (Personal Development, Health & Physical Education): Martial Arts. Canoeing with the cubs group at a local dam - it was a good introduction to it as it was quite shallow. Very muddy though :)

Life skills (cooking, gardening, housekeeping): He's starting to get some good habits of keeping his room tidy.

School shows: Music Moves, Behind The News.

Other fun stuff:
A picnic with the secular homeschoolers group (for a brief time anyway!)


Stuff On My Blog said...

OOh that Davinci exhibit looks & sounds like great fun!

Louise said...

what a busy week-

How did you go with "Does my head look big in this?" by Randa Abdel-Fattah, I found it a bit grown up for mine?

I so want to go to the Da Vinci exhibition

Risa said...

Do tell--HOW did you help him learn to keep his room tidy? And does it work on hubbies too? :-)

Kez said...

Louise - Billy is really enjoying the Does my head look big in this? audio books. I think it's aimed more at teenagers (the main character is a Yr 11 girl) - and if I'd pre-screened it before he got it out of the library, I probably wouldn't have let him get it out. Slack mum didn't though, so it was only after he'd started listening to it that I realised that. Having said that, I've listened to some of it with him and flicked through the book, and though the content is obviously aimed higher - crushes on boys, teenage problem with parents, the odd bit of swearing etc - I haven't found anything objectionable - certainly nothing worse than watching The Simpsons lol.

Kez said...

Risa - now hubby's working from home, he's doing a "room inspection" with him every morning. (Not quite standing at the end of his bed with hospital corners and saluting though!)

Billy actually *willingly* threw stuff (old papers etc) out the other day - we never thought we'd see that! We joke that he'll end up one of those old men who live in a house full of clutter because he can't part with anything!

And no, it doesn't seem to work on hubbies :)

Stuff On my Blog - it was good. Expensive ($50) for the family, but quite a good collection of the variety of his inventions. B's been talking about some of it since, so some knowledge stuck - yay! Hands-on is really the way to go for Master B.

karisma said...

Wow! Another great week. I really need to knuckle down over here, we are getting lazier and lazier. LOL Too much to do, too little time. I really need to remember how to focus. Getting my laptop back is NOT helping. hehe!

evision said...