Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our week of learning - 27th May - busy, busy, busy!

This has been a very busy & social week!

On Monday, Billy had a play date with a friend after school, Tuesday was drama class, Thursday we spent the day with my nieces (my oldest niece turned 17!) plus Joeys, Friday we had the afternoon at the park with other homeschoolers plus circus class, Saturday we went to the Rural Fire Brigade's open day and finally Sunday we went down to the Powerhouse Museum with family.

Current Readaloud: Finally finished The BFG by Roald Dahl; started on Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

English: Lots of reading (mainly Aussie Bites series) & audio books. He watched the Telling Tales show which features a folk story from different countries.

They played a fun game at Joeys which was all about giving & listening to instructions. One Joey was sitting (in a raincoat) with an empty bucket. Another Joey was about 5 metres away, blindfolded with a cup of water. The Joey with the bucket had to give instructions like "Walk forward 10 paces" to guide the blindfolded one to the bucket and tip the water - needless to say, there were a few misses :)

He spent some time on the Spellodrome site.

Maths: He's been learning about factors & prime numbers - he actually stopped in the middle of a game with his action figures on Wednesday to say "Mummy, 11 is a prime number isn't it?!".

He also watched a Cyberchase episode on different ways of keeping time - he's been obsessed with timing things on his watch and by counting the seconds!

He played a Cyberchase quest on the PBS kids site which is cross-curriculum.

Science & Technology: Lots of science this week. He watched a couple of Happy Scientist videos - one on surface tension and one on refraction. The show Science Clips this week was on magnets and springs. He also did several experiments using bicarb and vinegar with his cousin, including making a CO2 sandwich.

We caught the train down to Sydney to the Powerhouse Museum and went to the Earth to the Universe astronomy exhibition. We really didn't make it off the 1st floor which is the science experiments, computers & space!

HSIE (Human Society and it's environment): The For the Juniors show was on mangroves this week.

He went to the Rural Fire Brigade open day, watched some videos on fires, chatted with the firemen and got to sit in the fire engine, dress up in the jacket and use the hose to knock down targets.

He woke up on Friday morning and decided he wanted to do an "Environment Project" - who was I to stand in his way??! He made a poster / collage thing. It represents the river with pollution in it (paper & plastic bags), a tree and a dead bird from the pollution!

He learnt how to look a street up in the street directory and find it on the map.

Creative & Practical Arts: Drama, lots of imaginative play, and a trip to the art gallery. He put on circus with his cousin - complete with dress up :)

LOTE (Languages other than English): Nothing.

PDHPE (Personal Development, Health & Physical Education): Circus class. Lots of running around and playing at the park. Lots of walking in Sydney.

Life skills (cooking, gardening, housekeeping): He helped with tidying and made some Anzac biscuits with a bit of help.

School shows: BTN, Numbers Count, Science Clips, Telling Tales, For the Juniors, Count Us In, Cyberchase.

Other fun stuff: He's now completed the Premier's Adventure Challenge by visiting 3 art galleries or museums in the state. I have to send the form off so he can get a certificate.

He was also presented with his Adventure Challenge badge at Joeys - his first badge!

At the park, he and some other boys made an awesome shelter out of fallen tree branches..


Wendy Hawksley said...

How funny that our read-alouds are flip-flopped! We finished "Charlie & the Great Glass Elevator" (after "Chocolate Factory") and are now halfway through "The BFG".

I love how "Elevator" STILL gives me shivers when it gets to the part with the Vermicious Knids!

It looks like a fun and busy week.

Congratulations to Billy on his first badge!!!

Annie said...

What a great week!

Thanks for the listing. I found a couple of items I'm going to look at a bit closer.

Suji said...

Looks like we did more than just Happy Scientist in common :) He is completing BFG now :) Snap back! LOL.