Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wish me luck - I'm going in!

Yes, today is the day. It's time to go into the frozen wastelands and find alien life forms - or in domestic terms, I'm off to clean out the freezer :)

I've been running down the stocks in the freezer and using up the containers of things that I'm always sure I'll remember what they are when I freeze them, but never do! It's made for some interesting meals!

Next week I intend to do a monthly shop - I'm attempting to go from fortnightly grocery shopping to monthly. It'll be challenging I'm guessing!


Stuff On My Blog said...

LOL, I'm so going to say that next time I have to hit Woolies ;) Just popping over to say hi & thanks for visiting me! Whereabouts is the Hunter valley btw?

Wendy Hawksley said...

Oh no... Do you have biohazard gear for this venture? LOL

It is funny when you look in the fridge or freezer and realize what never gets cooked. This is a good time to use things up and prepare for the change in seasons!

Spring and fall cleaning for everybody, and let's take an example from you - don't forget to clean out the freezer!

Kez said...

Yay, I made it out alive! lol

Caz - the Hunter Valley is in NSW - the main city is Newcastle, we're inland about an hour at Maitland - about 2 hrs NW of Sydney. The area is famous for its wines. You're in Qld somewhere, correct?

Wendy - I only need the bio gear for the fridge ;)

Stuff On My Blog said...

Kez, yep we're just between Brisbane proper and Ipswich, but not quite in either lol. Famous for it's wines.. I think I need to take a field trip down that way!

Wendy I would srsly NEED biohazard gear for my freezer. It would not at all suprise me to excavate and find the prawn heads from last christmas in there (dh says I'll put em in the freezer so they don't stink.. and bin them the morning the truck comes.. then promptly forgets lol)

Out Back said...

My freezers is at the point of a good cleanout too. It's one of those things that gets put off until nothing else fits in there. I have two large freezers and one small one, so really my lot should never starve. It's amazing what is stored in there!

Thank you for the reminder,

Have a great day.

karisma said...

Yep it will be very challenging, the shopping I mean (ahem unless you just don't think about it! LOL) As for the freezer! Good luck! Im sure the herbs will save you!

LOL...Okay just read some of the comments and see you made it out alive! Phew!

libby said...

Glad you got your freezer sorted. I need to get into mine and chuck or feed to the chooks) the things that aren't going to be eaten.


Bel said...

Apart from the frozen fingertips, I quite enjoy cleaning out my freezer. We get bulk organic food every 6 months (grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, etc) so I have to do it then so I can fit the new stuff in there.

When the weather was cooler, we had soups from the freezer for lunch most days for a couple of weeks to free up some space. I don't cook and freeze much these days because of that appliance-which-shall-not-be-named! :p

What sort of bulk shopping do you have to do? I order mine in, much easier than actually going and getting it!

Kez said...

Bel, I'm just going to try doing my grocery shopping monthly - 1) to try and save money and 2) because I hate shopping :)