Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our week of learning - 20th Sept - Just life lived well!

Current Readaloud: The BFG by Roald Dahl; Pete and Billy finally finished "The Hobbit" which has been their Friday night read-aloud for about 12 months!!


English: Lots of reading & audio books. The big news this week is that he has finally started (with encouragement) sitting and reading books to himself. He reads well to us, but hasn't done much reading by himself. I'm very pleased about it! The books he's reading aren't high quality ("Aussie Bites series") but he enjoys them because the stories are quirky.

Maths: He spent about an hour on the Mathletics website.

Science & Technology: More work on his circuit board kit. He's been doing more work on his websites and making cards with a card program.

He helped me pull the vacuum cleaner head apart to clean it (@#$% cat hair around one of the bits - and we haven't had a cat for nearly 2 years!) and discovered for himself how the air forced the brushes around and how all the dirt was sucked into the bag. He even remembered how to put it all back together - luckily!

HSIE (Human Society and it's environment): He learnt about the testing of water quality and keeping the water environment clean at our Waterwatch Training day.

Creative & Practical Arts: Drama, lots of imaginative play, and a trip to 2 art galleries - the Newcastle one to see an exhibition of Aboriginal art and the Maitland one to play in the "Kid's Space" and draw all over their blackboard area.

LOTE (Languages other than English): Nothing formal - lots of practising "hola" and "muchas gracious"...

PDHPE (Personal Development, Health & Physical Education): Circus class. Lots of running around and playing (frisbee, cricket, running, catching) with his cousins at a b'day party today.

Life skills (cooking, gardening, housekeeping): He helped with tidying, shopping, putting away. He cooked his own noodles and a ham & cheese omelette (with a bit of help getting them out of the pans).

School shows: BTN, Numbers Count, Science Clips, Telling Tales, For the Juniors

Other fun stuff: Magnetix & Lego play. Games of 'noughts & crosses', time on the computer creating cartoons and games.

The other big news - his cast came off on Thursday and all apears to be well. Yay!


Wendy Hawksley said...

We're borrowing The BFG this week. Right now we're engrossed in "Charlie & the Great Glass Elevator". It is even funnier to me as an adult as it was when I was a child.

Dahl definitely writes on several "levels".

Helping to clean out the vacuum and put it back together? Awesome!

Kylie said...

Hey There thanks for stopping by my blog......Yay You are an Aussie!!! I'm adding you to my blog roll now so I make sure I come back regularly. :)