Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In - Wk 24

Weight loss from last week: 0.25kg
Total weight loss overall: 4.75 kg
Total cms lost off waist: 9 cm

0.25kg until I reach my next goal weight!! I did get back into the exercise a bit more this week, but need to stop eating so much bread :(


Stuff On My Blog said...

Nice job Kez! I need to get back on the weight loss bandwagon, my trip to the states earlier this winter totally sidetracked me lol.

Wendy Hawksley said...

You're doing better than me. I should be doing an hour workout a day, and I'm not. This is what comes of eliminating the TV in the son's room... No TV for ME! LOL

Ok. I'm just lazy. Send motivation!

Out Back said...

Keep up the good work Kez.

I too am on this journey and it seems to take forever to get the weight down. But it only takes a split second to put it back on!

libby said...

You're doing great Kerrie. Slow and steady wins the race :-) and keeps off the weight :-).


Kez said...

Thanks everyone. Slowly getting there!