Saturday, August 02, 2008

To-do list 2-3 Aug

Thanks to the kind comments yesterday, but sorry to hear I'm not the only one struggling atm :(

Linda - I played a bit of footy with my son in the afternoon - hopefully that counts as exercise :)

Update on yesterday:

* Get meat out to thaw for tea - done
* Breakfast - done
* Shower - done
* Make beds - done
* Cook something for morning tea - done, sort of. Don't try to cook Anzac biscuits while busy doing something else - they taste quite disgusting when you leave the sugar out!!
* Give house a quick tidy - kitchen, loungeroom, hallway - Got it mostly done - visitors arrived early so wasn't all done, but oh well!
* Friends over for a play - done
* Lunch - done
* Answer emails - done
* Put tea in slow cooker - done
* Address B's party invitations - he hasn't finished cutting them out yet
* Post office - see above
* Make list of what I have to do and prioritise - made list, prioritised and also put an estimated time against each which looks like it will be really useful
* Have tea - done
* B's bedtime routine - done
* Start on priority 1 stuff - got a couple of things crossed out
* Go to bed by 10pm - got there by 10:15 - close :)
* Hopefully sleep! - sort of, it blew a gale last night so it was a disturbed sleep, Billy woke up at 6am so it was an early morning as well - I'm incapable of sleeping once he's awake

Now bear with me while I do another one since the accountability made me do more than I wanted to.

This weekend's to-do list (in no particular order):

* make chinese jacket?
* cook steamed buns
* find & fix Chinese dragon
* lock myself away and do some paid work - I'm up against a deadline and need to spend a good chunk of time on it without interruptions (Got a couple of hours done on Sat afternoon, so I think I have the back of it broken now)
* I think Pete wants to go and look at cars - now the van is sold, we want to sell the ute (affectionately known as the 'monster truck'!) and get something smaller. Not quite ready to do the 1-car family thing yet. (Done Sat morn)
* Usual washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning etc etc etc

I'm sure I'll add to it as the weekend progresses..

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