Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I have just discovered that some work I spent several hours doing earlier this month has been overwritten by an older version of the file... It looks like it was overwritten a couple of weeks ago, so my backups all have the wrong version too..

I do at least have a list of the changes I made, but I still need to do it again and was already pushed for time with getting it finished..

I'll say it again - ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHH!!!


The Tin House said...

I think a heartfelt "bugger" is what's called for here.

I've just found my portable hard drive isn't working either.


Lisa x

Anonymous said...

Ugh Kez, don't you just hate that!!

I found a simple way around the problem, I save docs to 2 seperate locations.

I back up to thumb drive every day and to the partitioned drive every week, that way I always have an older version sitting around just in case.

I also back to folders for each month, once I have three months I delete any older ones

Works for me, you might find something similar will help prevent that happening again for you


Kez said...

Yep Bugger is pretty much what I said Lisa!! Bugger to you too :( Have you lost any work?

Thanks Molly - I obviously do need to look at my backup procedure! Would you believe I used to be in charge of this sort of thing at our company (network admin) - another case of knowing what to do, just not doing it :(