Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Day in My Life - August 14th

Up about 6:20 (chilly with another light frost), made Pete's lunch and saw him off to work.

Checked emails & blogs.

Cooked Billy & I some breakfast (bacon, scrambled eggs & toast). Out in the kitchen we were being serenaded by both magpies & kookaburras!

Showered then usual morning routine of making beds, turning off lights, opening curtains, airing rooms etc.

Got snacks & drinks ready for swimming.

Went through some maths problems with Billy - we bought a whiteboard recently and he thinks it's so much fun to do problems on the board (weirdo!!)

Answered a couple of work emails.

Off to Billy's swimming lesson. I sat & chatted to one of the other mums while he had his lesson and then had some free play with the other kids.

Stopped to buy some tomatoes at a roadside stall on the way home.

Boiled some eggs up for lunch. While they were cooking I mixed some bread up in the Kitchen Aid, put it on the windowsill to rise and did the breakfast dishes.

Time Saving Tip - I prefer to make my own bread but sometimes the thought of measuring everything out and putting it together is too overwhelming (awww, poor diddums lol), so I reach for the 'cardboard bread'. Yesterday I got 5 big ziplock bags, measured the dry ingredients (flour, powdered milk, salt, sugar, yeast) for a loaf into each bag and stored them in the fridge. Today I just had to dump the bag of ingredients into the bowl, add oil & water and mix. Much easier!! (even if it is all in my mind!)

Had lunch - I sat in the sun & read a book for a while.

Checked emails & blogs. Printed out some Australian currency "play money" for Billy to learn with.

Cooked the bread, and mixed up a lemon cake while that was in the oven (the recipe was from an old CWA Esk Valley cookbook) - Pete got given some lemons at work the other day. While that was cooling, we went outside and watered the garden, then I did some weeding - I've saved one more hedge bush from the kikuyu that is threatening to engulf it!

We have berries on a few of our strawberry plants!

Fruit trees waiting to be planted

Came inside and had some very yummy lemon cake for a late afternoon tea. Pete came home from work in time to share it (must've smelt it!). Answered a couple of work emails.

Cooked tea (pork chops, mashed potato, carrots & peas). While that was cooking I washed the dishes that had accumulated since lunch (I swear they grow!)

Ate tea, with lemon cake for dessert (there is now only 1 tiny piece left!!)

Did some paid work searching for stock photos for a website.

Billy's bedtime routine - lots of stories & cuddles.

More paid work until about 10 when I've updated this post and now am about to head for bed.

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louise said...

I really enjoy these day in the life posts but I never remember to write one! the lemon cake looks great.

libby said...

Sounds like a great day Kerrie. Would you care to share your bread recipe? The only one I've deemed a success (ie. Christy will eat it) so far using an organic bread mix.
The lemon cake looks yummy too....actually I have some lemons if you'd like to share that recipe too.


Linda said...

I can relate, about the mixing. I assume it goes away after awhile. I have had some luck with the 5 cup cake.

I have the cookbook you mentioned, I am curious now.

Your tea sounded lovely, and that is great having some trees to plant.

Kez said...

Hi Libby,

The bread recipe I'm using atm is one from Rhonda Jean's blog -

I'll post the lemon cake recipe now.