Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last night, in front of almost 21,000 people..

Billy and about 100 other kids from the Newcastle / Hunter region, played Auskick on the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground for the uninitiated).

The kids got to play a quick game at half-time in the Sydney vs Fremantle(AFL) match. What an awesome experience for them! It was a very long day though - we caught a bus down with the rest of his team at 2:30pm and they didn't play until about 8:30pm - Billy's normally in bed by then! By the time we caught the bus home it was 1am - *yawn*.

We were way over the other side of the ground, so I couldn't see a lot but the camera managed to pick up a few good shots anyway! They all seemed to have an absolute ball.

Oh and if you're curious - I think Billy's team lost by 1 point, and the Sydney Swans won by 4 points :)


libby said...

WOW!! What a great experience for Billy. You must have been very proud.


Miserly Mum said...

He he he how exciting :-)