Friday, August 22, 2008

Interesting post on the disappearing family-owned businesses

I found this a really interesting blog post -

The author is talking about a Brit who travels across America trying to utilise the services of "mom and pop" businesses, not corporate chains. It's what I was trying to do in a much smaller way in my "no supermarket" challenge. I'd love to see the documentary or read the book.


The Tin House said...

Kez, there's an interesting article in DH's current Two Wheels magazine about an Australian sprocket manufacturer. (sprockets are the things motorbike chains grip onto). They're going out of business because, even though they make the most uncompromising and high quality parts the experts at the magazine have ever used (they last a lot longer and give better performance by far), they're also more expensive and people just want CHEAP at any price. So, another Chinese sprocket manufacturer is born. It's a bloody shame.

I think the writer was hoping his article might make the makers change their minds about closing down their shop.

Lisa x

p.s. where do you buy your vegie seeds?

Kez said...

Yes it's certainly a shame and something that we all need to do more about. It's hard to juggle supporting local businesses (and therefore usually paying a higher price) & still living frugally but my priorities are changing.

I buy my seeds through Diggers atm.