Sunday, September 04, 2011

Party time

Billy had his party yesterday.  We had wonderful weather, heaps of food, and great fun. 

There was cake (it's a Minecraft building block for the uninitiated..)  I hope my niece got a photo of him blowing out his candle, because I was busy organising it!

There were presents..  At my suggestion, most people bought him gift cards to his favourite computer game shop so he is eagerly anticipating a visit there in the near future!

There were simple games like tips, hide-and-seek, a treasure hunt and a water fight.  (Sorry to all the parents who took home soggy kids lol).

And there was the chocolate game*.  Many of the kids had gone home by this stage - which just meant more chocolate for those that were left :)  This was the point that my 18 yo niece suddenly decided she wasn't too old for party games!

* The chocolate game - each person rolls a die going around the circle.  Once someone rolls a six, they rush in to the middle, put on the hat & scarf, and using the knife and fork, cut a piece off a block of chocolate.  We used plastic cutlery just to make it harder!  They can eat that piece once they cut it off.  They continue cutting until the next person rolls a six at which time they surrender their spot in the middle.  Its hilarious when consecutive people roll sixes and they don't even get time to get dressed, let alone get some chocolate.  Hint - have extra chocolate for the little ones that miss out!!

It was exhausting but he had a great day so that's why we do it!


Tracy's corner said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I like the idea of a chocolate game!

Libby said...

Happy Birthday to Billy. Looks like it was a fabulous birthday and party. My girls love the chocolate game too.

Enid Wilson said...

Fun day and games. It's good to get the kids outdoor and do a bit of running.

Really Angelic

Risa said...

Happy belated birthday to your 9-year-old. Looks like his party was a success. I like the chocolate game; not seen that before and may adopt it here next party. Which would mean Jim's 40th, but hey...I think that would go over well with tipsy adults too. :-)