Monday, September 05, 2011

Engineering studies

Billy's been on a few excursions to engineering type places this term.

He visited the Spotswood Pumping Station while we were in Melbourne.  The Spotswood Pumping Station was built in the late nineteenth century as a key component of Melbourne's first centralised sewerage system. Today it is one of Australia's most important industrial heritage sites. The buildings and their contents were classified by the National Trust of Australia in 1981 and are listed on both the Victorian and National Heritage Registers.

The pumping station is part of Scienceworks - a hands-on, interactive, Science museum.  Exhibits included optical illusions, the science behind familiar things in the house, viewing the Westgate Bridge and the science of sport.

His cub group also visited the Maitland Steam and Antique Machinery Association's workshop.  They were shown how one of the steam engines worked and got to explore some of the other machinery.

They've also learnt about pulleys, levers and electrical circuits with the same dad who organised the steam shed trip.


Renelle said...

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3anklebiters said...

what a wonderful adventure for the scouts! Rikard's troop recently visited an architect and a construction zone. these experiences are so good for them.

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