Saturday, September 10, 2011

Defendo Grading

Today I had my much anticipated defendo grading - time to finally try to get off that horrible white belt :)

The grading lasted a bit over an hour and was quite full on.  We were moving for pretty much that whole hour - we were instructed to be jogging on the spot while we were waiting.  We had to demonstrate our rolls (not my strong point lol), falls, kicks, punches, checks & blocks, a couple of routines / patterns / kata, and basic escape techniques (ie from grabs like bear hugs, head locks etc).  We had light contact sparring, ground fighting, and heaps of push ups and sit ups.

And we did it!  I graded up to yellow belt!  Sensei even said I went better than he expected - I'm not sure if that meant he had really low expectations though :)

I'm sore and bruised, but very proud of myself!

In the one in the white shoes towards the front.

This is me getting my face gouged :)

Getting presented with my yellow belt!

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Butterfly said...

That's awesome! Congratulations. Hope the eye gouging wasn't too realistic!!