Monday, September 12, 2011

AFL Presentation Day

Another year of AFL is over for Billy and his club.  The club did quite well this year - they've only been going for 5 years and the Under-12s made it to the Grand Final.

Yesterday was the club's Presentation Day - a final chance to get together, play footy, have fun and eat :)  Thanks to all the coaches and volunteers who did such a great job all season.

Billy with his Under-10s team-mates.

Getting his trophy from his coach

They have a great idea with the plaques - rather than a plastic trophy to clutter up the shelves every year, they have one trophy that the kids keep throughout their time at the club.  Every year they engrave it with their team and year - this is Billy's 4th year at the club (3 years of Auskick and 1 year of Under-10s).


Suji said...

He looks so happy and rosy-cheeked! :) Hug him for us!

Butterfly said...

The trophy is a good idea ... small-sided soccer has the same. We're looking forward to Presentation Day in a few weeks.

jugglingpaynes said...

You've had some busy days! But is sounds like they were enjoyable. Congratulations on your yellow belt (you look great!) and on Billy's trophy!

Peace and Laughter,