Thursday, September 15, 2011

Exploring our local area: Newcastle Museum

In August 2007, our local museum in Newcastle closed its doors in preparation of moving to a new site.  It was sorely missed by us - being free, and having a great hands-on science section was a godsend!  Four long years later, it finally reopened last month.

We called in there today to have a look around.  When we weren't innundated with school groups, it was quite good!  The main attraction was the Supanova hands-on Science section, but there were also sections showing things related to Newcastle's past.

Lifting a car with ropes at various points along the lever

Plasma ball

Robot arm - making him pick up a ball, move etc.  Billy even made him dance :)

Speed check to see how fast you can throw a ball

A display about the old BHP steelworks which used to be Newcastle's main employer, now closed down.

A really cool spinning globe hanging from the ceiling

A now defunct Newcastle tram

Topped off by lunch at the cafe :)


Enid Wilson said...

The plasma ball looks great. I've a plasma hand featured in my sci-fi. Pity the museum is closing...

Every Savage Can Reproduce

Amy said...

Awesome museum! Wish we had something like that around here. Toby would absolutely LOVE it. Jonas too actually.:-)