Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy birthday 9 year old!

Happy Birthday 9 year old!

You're smart & clever, and crack us up with your jokes and puns.  You may not be the most athletic kid on the block, but you make up for it in grit and determination.  Our life would not be the same without you.

Here's a snapshot of your life at the moment.

Current obsession:  Minecraft, esp playing it online with your little posse of online friends, making videos of it, custom maps etc.

Other interests:  Photography, Dragons martial arts (currently orange belt), AFL (Under 10s), Cubs, Drama, writing stories and archery

Favourite food:  Chicken schnitzel, followed closely by pizza

Current ambition:  To become a games designer, move to Switzerland and work on Minecraft.

Currently reading:  Deltora Quest series

Happy birthday Billy!


Suji said...

Happy Birthday dear Billy!
We are thinking of you lots here in California!

Kez said...

Oh, I meant to email you - the card arrived yesterday. Thank you :) It was very cute - love your sketch in it too, you are amazing!

karisma said...

Happy birthday Billy! Hope you have an awesome day! Hugs xoxox

Kylie said...

Happy Birthday Billy.

Oh I'd love to hear how he is enjoyng Deltora Quest. My Ds loves the cartoon (series just finished I think) and I suggested he go grab the book series. :-)

jugglingpaynes said...

The Dragons of Deltora was one of the first series my son ever showed interest in.

Happy birthday Billy! Nine is an awesome age. Enjoy it!

Peace and Laughter!