Thursday, August 18, 2011

RWA Conference 2011 - glitz, glamour and goodies

On Friday night, we got all frocked up for the Roaring Twenties themed cocktail party.  Lots of flapper dresses and gansters, a Charlie Chaplin, and I even saw Minnie & Mickey Mouse, and Popeye and Olive Oyl!  It was a fun night - I pity the staff having to clean up the feathers that were left lying around though :)

Saturday night was the Awards dinner night - again everyone glammed up and headed to the ballroom for dinner and speeches.  It was a bit like the Academy Awards :)

It wasn't all glitz and glamour though - during Sunday we also raised money in collaboration with the Melbourne Fire Brigade for the Otis Foundation - retreats in country Victoria for women suffering from breast cancer.  We held silent auctions and a raffle, and altogether raised over $10,000.  Harlequin then donated another $5,000 for a wonderful total!  I don't think anyone was unmoved who heard the speech by a breast cancer sufferer currently using the services of the Otis Foundation.

Oh, and the goodies!  We were warned to leave room in the suitcase for goodies to take home - I didn't realise how much it would be!  I ended up with about a dozen free books (plus a couple that I bought), plus the free chocolates, bookmarks etc etc.  Fun!

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Suji said...

Yeeaaaayy you're back! Sounds like it was a lot of fun. You sound so inspired!