Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Term 2 Review

As we're easing our way into Term 3, I wanted to do a quick review of what we covered last term.


Billy's been doing a mixture of Khan Academy, Skwirk & Mathletics (year 4 level).  Topics covered have included: 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, angles, direction, prisms & pyramids, place values to thousands and chanceHe earnt his first 'gold computer' certificate on Mathletics.

He's also been using Timez Attack to practice his times tables, watching Cyberchase for exposure to new mathematical concepts and general 'living maths' practice like mental arithmetic and calculations, handling money, measuring etc.


Reading both for pleasure and towards the Premier's Reading Challenge.

Writing lots of stories and plays.

Completed a grade 5 spelling test with 20/24 correct.

Science & Technology:

Water testing workshop

Experiments about surface tension, plant life-cycles, changing of plastic properties when adding heat, how yeast performs and air density

Discussions on the water cycle, solar energy, health and nutritional labels

Watching Mythbusters and Backyard Science

Creating video tutorials of how to use Minecraft and RPG Game Maker

Creating games using RPG Game Maker, and custom maps and worlds in Minecraft

Programming lessons using C#

Learning about native animals, habitats and conservation at cub camp


Visit to the historical Tocal Homestead

Australian history documentary - Tony Robinson explores Australia.

Watching the kid's current affairs show Behind the News.

Learning about the Australian coat of arms and the state symbols.

Creative Arts:

Weekly drama class - they worked towards an end of term performance.

Visit to an art gallery, making arts and crafts

Watching live performances of 'James and the Giant Peach' and 'Much Ado about Nothing'.


Archery (he has now progressed to shooting back at 15 metres), AFL (weekly training and games) and Martial Arts (twice weekly plus the camp)

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