Friday, July 22, 2011


In 3 weeks time, I'll be at the RWA's writer's conference in Melbourne.  I can't wait! 

I'm signed up to some incredible sounding workshops. 

Friday - Warrior Writer's workshop
Using the Who Dares Wins approach, Warrior Writer will help writers develop a plan to enrich their writing and overcome hurdles. This includes finding personal blind spots that are hurting the writing. Integral to the plan is developing a career path which includes author goals in terms of books, theme, unifying concept, all the way down to organizing day-to-day writing. Of particular focus in creativity are finding true fears, developing the courage to conquer them, and uncovering each person’s unique creative tactics & strategies.

The Who Dares Wins approach:

1. WHAT specifically do you want to achieve with your writing
2. WHY do you want to achieve these particular goals
3. WHERE will sustained change occur
4. Understand CHARACTER
5. What is CHANGE, and how do you accomplish it
6. How do you build the COURAGE to change
7. COMMUNICATE your change to the world
8. Take COMMAND of your change
9. COMPLETE the Circle of Success and change


Session 1: - Plotting From The Inside Out, Susan Wiggs
Let's explore using character, conflict and motivation to create a compelling story plot. We'll look at setup and then track the action on a page-turning journey to a satisfying conclusion. When it comes to story development there is no right way or wrong way, so we can explore creative methods, from basic outlining, to list-making to story-board drawing to collaging. Come prepared to brainstorm!

Session 2: - Body Language
People naturally communicate through body language; it can agree with what’s being said or show signs of deception. Learn techniques to add an additional dimension to your writing and also discover how to use body language to enhance public speaking appearances.  

Session 3: - Staging A Fight Scene, Raymond Floro
Back by popular demand, the most talked about session from RWA's 2010 conference. A martial arts expert and counter-terrorism trainer, who has worked with military and law enforcement agencies worldwide, leads an educational and entertaining exploration of attack and defence strategies, weapons of the usual and unusual variety, and all manner of violent engagement. (Almost) no writers will be harmed in the making of this session.  


Session 1: - Writing The Emotional Roller-coaster, Joan Kilby
Worried that your writing lacks emotional punch? Want to boost the intensity to the next level? Learn how to build emotion into your story at every stage. Elements covered include: developing an emotionally charged premise, tapping into your characters’ core vulnerabilities, mining scenes for maximum emotion, and exploring the language of emotion. Through lecture, discussion and exercises, Joan Kilby will teach you how to deliver the intensely emotional experience sought by readers and editors.  

Session 2: - Sense And Sanity: Living With The First Draft, Lisa Heidke
This workshop looks at the nuts and bolts of the writer's life. How do you make yourself write when you don't want to? What motivational techniques can you employ to make the most of your writing day? How do writers balance their 'regular' life with their writing life? Participants will put together a schedule to structure their writing life, individual to their situation. 

Session 3: - Panel: Cutting It Short  (short story writing)
A panel of editors and bestselling authors discuss the writing, publishing and marketing of shorter works of fiction. From website extras to novellas for themed anthologies, learn about the challenges, opportunities and rewards of writing complete, satisfying stories in a shorter word count. Panelists: Kelley Armstrong, Angela James, Stephanie Laurens, Erika Tsang, Denise Rossetti.

It was so hard to choose - there were so many wonderful sounding workshops on offer!  Even going through them now, I keep thinking, oh I wish I could've done that one too!  

I expect to be thoroughly exhausted by the end of the conference - not forgetting the Cocktail party on the Friday night and the Awards dinner on Saturday night.  

But I really want to have my first draft of this book finished by the time I leave for conference - hence the eeeek :)  That doesn't leave me long.  I've been a bit paralyzed by it the last few weeks - too many loose ends that I introduced through June and I wasn't sure where to go next.  I sat down today and wrote out a synopsis and have gone through tonight and moved aside the sub-plots and scenes that weren't working.  Which hasn't left much of the story :(  I've sketched out the scenes that are remaining - now to write them...


Libby said...

You'll have lots of fun and come extra inspired to write. I went to a few of the conferences - the last one when I was pregnant with Amy .... so quite some time ago :-).

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Yah Kez. It is close isn't it. I've finished but have to work on a pitch. Yikes. lol.. It will happen. Oh and costume, hmm,I'm thinking about that one. lol.

See you there. :)