Thursday, July 07, 2011

500 Club

Following on from the success of our 50Kin30days during June, one of the RWA members has started the 500 Club.  No, we're not sitting down playing cards :)

We're committing to writing (at least) 500 words / day, 6 days / week.  We can jump in and out any week, but its just a way to keep everyone's newly formed writing habits going strong.

So far this week I've written approx 500 words on Tue (bit under) & Wed (bit over).  Mon I had all the excuses under the sun as to why I didn't do it.

I've also talked myself out of radically changing the story because its boring and crap and the worst story ever written...  It may be so, but I'm going to stick with it until the end, put it aside for a few months and then see just how bad it is :)


Butterfly said...

To feel like that about your own first draft is totally normal, so don't get too discouraged. I just read a book, "How Writers Write" by Pamela Lloyd, with snippets from many well known writers, and most of them said that. Power on!!

Kez said...

So does that mean you're going to join me in writing 500 words a day??!

Hope we catch up sometime this term - it seems like ages since we saw each other.

karisma said...

Sigh! I wish I had time to write 500 words a day! Good luck!

Butterfly said...

Haha, not just yet, but the day may come ... for the first time in ages, I went to bed last night with a story brewing in my mind. I can see a few spare minutes in each day starting to appear. And I think I might be able to resolve the 'why write?' debate I have been having with myself for years :)

I'd love to catch up with you too, it's been way too long!