Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spartans Martial Arts camp

Billy has spent much of this week doing martial arts.  He attended the Spartans Martial Arts camp - 2 hours training Mon - Fri this week.  Each day they concentrated on something different - ninjitsu, MMA (Mixed martial arts), board breaking, boxing skills & judo.  Oh, and not forgetting the fitness work - they totalled over 1000 push-ups and 1000 sit-ups in the 5 days.

He was the youngest there and became like a little brother to the older ones - they were great at encouraging him and partnering with him.  He ended up being awarded the Encouragement Award for the camp so he was quite chuffed!

He wasn't able to get through his wooden board (there's always next year!), but he got through the practice board (a plastic rebreakable board) to boost his confidence.

It's been great for Billy's confidence.  And as one of the adult students, I got to go along and help out so it was quite educational and fun for me too.

Now I'm due for a rest though :)

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