Saturday, July 09, 2011

Made it to the next goal weight!

Talk about slow (and maybe-not-so-steady) - it's taken me 7 weeks to lose the 2 kgs down to my next goal weight.  I've now broken the 55kg barrier - it's been 2 years since I saw this weight (a reminder that I'm only 5 ft!).  I have to admit to seeing it only briefly then - that was my goal weight and since I'd been doing it mainly by diet and hadn't gotten into an exercise routine, it all fell by the wayside not long after that.

So in those 7 weeks, I had a few weeks where I put a little bit on, and a few weeks where I took a little bit off.  I've really focused on the exercise this week and have dropped 1.5kg!  I seem to do that - plateau for a few weeks and then drop it all in one go when I focus. 

So since the beginning of March, I've lost 6.2 kg.  I've also lost at least 9cm from my waist since I started measuring in mid-April.

I'll drop the exercise back down a notch for a few weeks, keep up the sensible eating, and try to maintain that weight or maybe lose a little bit.

Next goal is 53kg - another 2 kg to lose.  

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Libby said...

Well done Kerrie. While it might be slow to have lost 6.2kg is fantastic. You should be very proud of yourself.