Friday, April 29, 2011

Tocal Field Day

We braved the weather and headed off to the first day of the Tocal Field Days today.  Its mainly an agricultural show with stands selling all sorts of farm equipment and agricultural talks & displays, but there is also a large art / craft section, food, and educational events.  Plus much more..

So the day was spent -

Admiring the homeschooler's Folk Art around the World exhibition

Taking part in Water testing

Being accosted by strange mascots...

Doing Art & craft workshops (Egyptian cartouche and book making)..

Visiting the historical Tocal Homestead (built in the 1840s)..

Bungee Trampolining..

and camel riding!

Is it any wonder that I'm exhausted??!


Renelle said...

Hi Kez, so glad you posted pictures as we aren't going to make it because Carter is unwell, so it was good to see. thanks. Aren't the Hunter home educators clever. Renelle

karisma said...

Oh but it looks like so much fun! Love the artworks!

Mel said...

Hey Kez, hope you don't mind, but I pinched the photos of the display for my blog, cos we couldn't make it out there :(

Kez said...

No worries Mel - I have others if you want me to email them through to you.

Mel said...

ooh, that'd be fantastic, thanks!!!

Sparklee said...

Looks like a really fun day! I had to crack up when I saw the "strange mascot" picture--until very recently, my kids were slightly afraid of anyone in a fluffy costume!