Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Silver FitPiggy

One of the things I've discovered about the Wii is that it has cute ways of rewarding you for getting to different levels.  The FitPiggy is like a Piggy Bank, but holds a count of the number of minutes you train each day, the calories you've burnt off that day, and the total number of minutes you've trained.  (Photo grabbed from the internet somewhere).

When you reach 10 hours, the FitPiggy turns Bronze.

When you've trained 20 hours, the FitPiggy turns Silver.  I reached my Silver FitPiggy last week.  20 hours of training since we got it at the start of March (about 7 weeks ago).

I started off aiming for 20 minutes / day and have worked up to 40 minutes / day, probably on average 6 days / week.  I've set a calorie goal to burn off a glass of coke each day.  The great thing about that is I haven't touched the stuff for weeks - when you know you have to exercise hard for 40 minutes to burn off one glass of coke, it really loses its appeal!!!

I've lost 2.2kg so far and have another 2kg to go to get down to 'at risk of overweight' rather than 'overweight'.

I lost weight quite steadily for the first few weeks, then had a bad week or two and put most of it back on again.  I've been tracking what I'm eating since then and the weight's coming off again.  yay! 

Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to report that I've reached my first goal.


Mel said...

good grief, I'd hardly call you overweight! Though you are doing brilliantly, the wii sometimes asks others where I am, but I rarely bother to reply ;)

Tamara Kidd said...

I'm doing the Wii thing too... Since easter I haven't been game to chat with my poor Wiimee... it keeps looking at it's round little belly and then sighs at me. Hmmm I better say hello to it in the morning... I've got Wii induced Wiimee guilt

Kez said...

lol, its fun isn't it. But yes, he does tend to look a bit disgruntled every time it comes up 'overweight'!