Monday, April 25, 2011

School holidays

NSW has been on school holidays for 2 weeks, so we've wound down as well.

Its been nice to have a break from most of the activities.  There's so much more time in the day when you're not running around getting ready for afternoon / evening activities!

We've relaxed the structure - its been nice for a break, but it will good to get back into a routine.

So there's been lots of lego play:

(this was a lego computer he made for the Lego Quest challenge),

Celebrating  - both his cousins and grandfather had birthdays.  He made and decorated the cake for his Pop.

Learning - we caught the train down to Sydney and visited Hyde Park Barracks and the Australia Museum.

Make your own fun - he wanted me to set up an activities course for him one day.  The apple bobbing was his idea :)

Did 'boy stuff' - we visited a friend of Billy's at the friend's grandparent's farm.  They got to do fun 'boy' stuff like trying to catch tadpoles in the creek.


He also went to dragons twice a week. 

We helped get most of the art work ready for the homeschool display. 

Our Scouts had a fundraising BBQ and we all worked on the stall. 

We went to an art exhibit opening (his grandmother's & cousin's works are included). 

There's been lots of reading.

And probably lots more that I can't remember.

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