Sunday, April 03, 2011

Billy's week 3rd April, 2011

A very sporting week with both a karate grading and his first Under 10s AFL game, but still time for a variety of other fun stuff!


Non-Newtonian fluid (aka "cornflour goo") (Science)

Check out this cool video with cornflour goo on a larger scale:

Geometrical solid shapes using Klikko (Maths)

More geometrical shapes using paper cutting & folding (Maths & Art)

Geometric art (Islamic style) using a compass (Maths / Art)


Help with dinner - spag bol
He made a cake from scratch unsupervised!


Archery, AFL Training, first under 10s AFL game of the season (his team won!) (PDHPE)

Martial arts grading - he received his orange belt. (PDHPE)

Drama (Creative Arts)


Having friends over to play


Backyard Science (Science)
Numbers Count, Cyberchase (Maths)
Being Me (PDHPE)
Behind The News (HSIE)

Playing with:

Wii Fit & Sports (PDHPE)
Various websites like Club Penguin & Webkinz

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