Tuesday, April 05, 2011

So damn proud of myself!

In 1994, I very nervously went along to a Self Defence class for women.  I loved it.  I loved the physicality of it, the camaraderie, everything.  It was run by the sensei from the Gojo Ryu karate dojo, so after the 6 week class finished, I joined up at karate.  I was at full time uni at the time, so I had plenty of time to go along to classes through the day.  I just loved that feeling after training of being so exhausted you could barely stand up, battered and bruised, but on such a high.  Yeah I'm weird :)

I continued it for about 18 months and earnt my yellow belt.  By that time though, I was back at full-time work, planning a wedding, getting a house built - you know, all those 'grown up' things.  I stopped karate.

When Billy started doing defendo martial arts 12 months ago, I'd watch the class and all those feelings came back.  I really, really, really felt the urge to try it.  In April last year, I wrote on my 'bucket list', "Start martial arts again".

Last night I did it (12 months later but still)!  I decided late last week that I was going to do it.  I told several of my friends so that I couldn't chicken out.  Which was fortunate because I came close a few times yesterday :)

Sitting there waiting for the class last night, I thought I was going to pass out, I was so nervous.  You know that feeling you get before you go on stage and give a speech..  That's how I was feeling.

Sensei introduced me to the class - several of whom I knew anyway as they are Billy's instructors and others I knew by sight - and he told them to be gentle with me lol.  We did some basic warm ups, blocking & parrying and then the rest of the time was spent doing "close quarters combat" - so rolling around on the ground, groin to groin with strange men, trying to gouge their eyes out :) 

There are only 2 other women in the class as far as I know - only one was there last night and she is uber-fit.  The rest are all big, strong, fit looking guys which is rather intimidating - but the 3 that I had as partners were all really great.

I'm definitely going again.  I'm feeling a bit bruised and stretched in places today but so proud of myself!!!  I think I'll try the Saturday morning class next week - Billy has to sit around waiting for my class to finish at 8pm on the Monday night, so it was a fairly late night for him by the time he got to bed.

Yay, I did it!!


Suji said...


Kylie said...

Awesome Kez...I've been thinking about this for about 12 months. I have just recently made a list of the local places...now just need to book for a trial!

Out Back said...

Sounds like you really did enjoy yourself Kaz. Good on you for pushing yourself to do it again.

I haven't tried Karate but my son went for a while, and I would have loved to try. Maybe I should bite the bullet and do it too!


Butterfly said...

Everything about it sounds scary and exhilarating! Good on you :)

My comfort zone was aqua-robics with a group of over 50's ... they were kind to me when I stopped with cramps or nose bleeds.

What's next on your bucket list (of the items you're willing to share, anyway)?

Risa said...

Yay for you! Well done!

karisma said...

Good on you! I wish I had not given it up. I joined with the kids years ago and as one by one they all dropped out, I was left alone :-( Ended up stopping as I really did not have the time for that extra activity. I was up to my green belt at the time.