Sunday, May 08, 2011

Billy's week 8th May, 2011

Reading: Specky Magee by Felice Arena and Gary Lyon

On-line learning: 2 digit addition at Khan Academy

Programming methodology - we've started watching a series of lectures from Stanford University on basic programming methodology. The first lecture was mostly admin for the course (its an actual uni course that's been videoed), but he's understanding it quite well so far.

Experimenting: Surface tension experiment shown by floating a needle on the surface of water.

Having Fun: Exploring Minecraft, Club Penguin, Webkinz, Lego, playing on the Wii

Creating: Drama class, created a new computer game using RPG Maker XP

Crafting:  Sewing, drawing and crafting to create some unique Mother's Day gifts.

Watching: Mythbusters, Behind The News, Backyard Science

We watched the first episode of a new series on Austar - Tony Robinson Explores Australia.  Brilliant history documentary!

Sporting: Dragons martial arts (twice), AFL training & game, archery


Libby said...

That Tony Robinson show was great wasn't it?

jugglingpaynes said...

Copied the link for the Stanford lecture series. That is something my son would be interested in!

Thanks for your comment. It is one thing when I tell my daughter she is a good artist, but I think it is more meaningful for our kids when others take the time to say it too!

Peace and Laughter,